Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend fun

Kenly is Queen of the mountain (rock)
Ash is always posing..

Such sweet chaos with these two!

No clue what that face is..

Me and Ash sledding - check out my feet..

Young children + vacation= EXHAUSTED mom and dad! I'm still trying to recover from our weekend in Ruidoso, in fact; if anyone would like to borrow my children for awhile so that I may sleep I will gladly oblige. We actually had a great time despite my ever-present lack of logic. We went hiking and shopping, we rode ponies and had a picnic - I even took Ashlyn sledding. In my flip flops. As in, I hiked through the snow with a kid and huge tube in tow IN FLIP FLOPS. Seriously? Allen said that everyone in that place was saying "Who is the crazy lady sledding with no shoes on?" Yup, that's me. The lunatic.

On a more serious note, one of Allen's good work friends suffered a brain aneurysm on Monday and they've decided to turn his life support off tomorrow as he has no brain activity. This guy is only 22 years old and everyone around him is in total shock. Please pray for his wife and the rest of his family - I know they're confused and hurting so very much right now.
Love to everyone...

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