Friday, March 13, 2009

Keep it simple, stupid

After dinner last night I took the girls outside to ride scooters and bikes and expend some energy when I heard the familiar (but incredibly annoying) music of the ice cream truck rolling down our street. I usually avoid the jingling freezer like the plague, with a mind set of “If we never stop the truck the girls will never know what it is – thus I will not be exposed to pleas of “But MOOOOOMMMM It’s the ICE CREAM TRUCK!”

So I was little surprised when Ashlyn saw it and knew exactly what it was…. And for whatever reason (that I can already tell I’ll regret every day when we hear the music) I decided we would get ice cream. The girls were thrilled! They thought getting to choose which bar they wanted and paying the lady was so much fun! Ashlyn even picked a weed and gave it to her. Then they sat in the garage in their little chair and had the best time giggling and licking and getting completely and utterly sticky (hard for this OCD mom to watch). They both thought they had gotten the most awesome little treat and it reminded me that sometimes we shouldn’t ignore the simple things. Who needs Chuck E. Cheese when you have ice cream on wheels?

I was also very pleasantly surprised to know that the failing economy has not caused inflation in the ice cream truck industry. Most of the treats were only $1.00…. this is comforting news. We may soon lack the funds for milk, cheese and eggs, but we will be able to purchase ice cream and we won’t have to waste any gas in order to do so!


  1. Aw, the picture really makes this story! so cute!

  2. again... dont know WHY it always uses Ryan's name... anyhoo, it's sarabear here.