Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Noteworthy Items; in list form:

1. Facebook is causing me to be a bad mother.
2. I purchased new bras and my tata's are back where they belong; just under my chin.
3. Since Christmas, I have acquired 14 new books and have read 9 of them. I'm. A. Nerd.
4. 3 of those books are historical non-fiction; meaning I'm learning stuff. Serious. Nerd.
5. I need someone to explain to me (Again) that 32 degrees is cold. Way cold. When you see that temperature on the forecast for the following day you should wear long sleeves. And shoes that cover your whole foot.
6. My daughters believe that dandelions are the most beautiful flower alive. Because of this every cup, saucer or other such dish I own is housing a dead weed.

That is all.


  1. he he he... whooops! that comment above was from me, SARA, not my husband.... but i'm sure he'd like to see em' too! =)

  2. Number one I can agree with... it causes me to be a neglectful wife as well.
    Two makes me laugh :) and I will be sure and notice your perkiness tomorrow!

  3. Whew - I was very uncomfortable for a minute.. and sadly, I cannot wear the new bra. My boobs rejected being slung so high... they were sore.

  4. 1. That photography site is doing that to me.
    2. You must shop at Victoria's Secret, too. Victoria's "Secret" is that after three kids, you'll pay $50 for a stupid bra.
    3. You're not a nerd! I love to read!
    4. Historical non-fiction? I revoke my reply to # 3. LOL (j/k!) You should come watch the History channel w/ my hubby.
    5. Come visit me in February and you'll learn what cold is.
    6. I hear ya, sister.