Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finally, she uses a brain cell..

I have 3 (or 4; depending on how you look at it) tattoos. I personally feel that they can be a wonderful expression of self, faith, artistry... and, as most who have ever gone under the inking needle will atest, they are mildly addicting.

Sometimes, though - tats are not an expression of anything more than a dumb 18 year old deciding that she "has to have one." I mean, the state of Texas says I'm mature enough so by jove - I'm gonna do it! This is how my first tat came to be. I walked into the tattoo parlor, straight up to the pictures on the wall, saw the most ridiculous drawing and said "THAT'S IT!" Because of this gross lack of sane thinking I will forever be inked on the right hip with a palm tree. Yeah, I know..

I also have a large butterfly on my left foot that used to be a small butterfly. I wanted another tat but didn't want to put one anywhere else so I just covered the old with a new. Again, I know..

FINALLY I have gotten a tattoo that means something and that I can honestly say I love. It's the Chinese symbol for "dad" - as most of you know I lost my Dad almost 10 years ago, so this one was completely planned and has meaning behind it.


  1. you girls have LOST it since i left!! tattoos, slurpees, hair dye!!! wtf!!!!

  2. i remember when you got the palm tree, i think you came into ag. and showed us haha. I absolutely love your new tattoo:)

  3. OMG...LMAO... we DO have so much in common! I'm the proud owner of a psychedelic sunflower (don't ask) and some damn flower/tribal thing on my upper arm that people mistake for a snake sometimes.

    So sorry about your dad. :(