Tuesday, May 19, 2009

There's something about that red circle

I MISS MY HUSBAND! Allen won't be home until the end of July and I'm losing my mind without him. (Okay, okay so I didn't have much of a "mind" to begin with) He's never home during the week but for awhile now and until July he won't even be home on the weekends. Trying to keep this house clean and laundry done and kids fed while spending quality time with them and finding "me" time is becoming increasingly difficult... plus, I just MISS him. The girls miss him so much, too and comforting them takes such an emotional tole on me somedays.
I'm going to get through this though; Lala (my mom) is helping a ton and I've got great friends who are willing to give up their free time to come hang out and help me feel human every now and then. Plus, I'm choosing to stop wallowing in how much this sucks and just get through it. (Uh, that does NOT mean that when you see me you won't hear 153 times that I'm lonely, tired, need help, etc... I'm just not wallowing. Got it?)

So enough whining already, eh? Let's discuss Target. Target is seriously the most genious establishment in existance. I cannot pinpoint why, exactly; other than the sheer fact that everytime I "pop" in that place to purchase one item I walk out 2 hours later with $200.00 worth of "Oooooh, I could really use that." How do they do it? Seriously... I need an answer here.

Until next time...