Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kayla; the anti-crafter

I am easily inspired by anything crafty. I always find things in stores or magazines or on HGTV and decide that “I can TOTALLY make that”; which in-turn leads me to Hobby Lobby to purchase paint, sparkles, glue, ribbon, papers or whatever materials my latest project requires. I’ll get home, feeling hopeful and confident about myself, lay out my workspace and dive head first into creating. I will then happily cut, glue, staple and poke for awhile; until I reach a step that is entirely too advanced for my elementary skill level. I’ll fumble and curse and growl and begin blaming my husband (who’s 300 miles away) or my kids (who are in bed) for my “lack of concentration” -( lack of ability). Ultimately I’ll quit; leaving countless unfinished projects lying around that sooner or later get scrapped for parts and thrown out. It’s maddening, really.

However; I was able to FINALLY start and finish something all on my own and I will post pictures here as proof that I am not a complete crafting failure.

These are hanging in Ashlyn’s room; above her bed. I’m waiting for the night when my shotty craftsmanship gives way and the balls descend onto her head.


  1. oh my gosh! TOTALLY LOVE IT... i remember us talking about you doing these! when did you finish them!!??? I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Thanks Sara! I got them done a couple of weeks ago - it was no easy task getting them hung up. I'm sure there is a much better way than what I came up with..
    If you'll get yourself pregnant with a girl I'll make you some!