Monday, April 27, 2009

I knew I was missing something..

I have no clue why she is posed this way... I had nothing to do with it. I pull out the camera and for the next ten minutes hear "Oooh Mommy, this is beautiful, take a picture of this"... I believe I'm in big trouble with this one...

Oops. I sort-of forgot about my blog.. I'm finding that the older I get the less time I have available. I long for days of old when I would say "I'm bored; there's nothing to do" - but it seems those days are long gone and replaced with days where I don't have time bathe myself. Or the kids. Rest assured, though that I will drench us all in perfume if you want to come visit. Just don't expect me to have time to talk to you. In fact, if you do come visit please do a chore or two for me. Leave a note somewhere telling me who you are and what you did. I'll send you a thank you note.

Regarding the picture above:

Yes, I have 2 kids. No, I do not have an updated picture of the youngest. Is it because I don't love her as much? No, no - she is quite loved. She just also happens to be quite full of attitude. Anytime I pull the camera out she looks at me long enough to see that I have the flashing/clicking contraption in hand and she REFUSES to look at me again until I put it down. Seriously. I will ask her questions and she will answer- all without eye contact. Perhaps I will post a collage of pictures of Kenly's profile, or the top of her head, or her backside. Because that's all I have.

I will be around more often, as my goal is to produce a little boredom in my life. Who needs a clean house/clean clothes/fed kids anyway?

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