Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I see the winds of change, but I don't even feel a breeze.

Have you ever reached a time in your life when it seems like everything around you is changing? Relationships, routines, attitudes, passions, etc? I feel like that is where I am now - everything is changing yet I haven't actively invited or implemented any of it and I sort of feel like I'm sitting in idle watching it all happen. It's very strange, and I guess it means that I need to jump on the bandwagon and get to changing some things.

Until then.. a few pictures of the darlings. The bond between these two gets stronger every day, and they love playing together. They fight too - but more often than not they are laughing and stirring up trouble together. It's fun! (Unless they've conspired to coat every standing thing in the house with vaseline. That, it turns out, is absolutely NOT fun.)

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  1. kayla your girls are so stinkin cute!!! i tagged you in my post "crazy 8"...i am glad you are doing well!