Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cookie Dough Blues

My severe stupidity often shocks me. Not that I find it shocking that I’m dumb; no, no – I’m well aware that intelligence isn’t exactly my thing. However there are times when I think or do something so completely and utterly dim-witted that I begin to question the contents of that space between my ears.

An example:
I recently decided to attempt a new cookie recipe, and on the eve of the experiment I shared my intentions with a few friends. This particular recipe was for “no-roll” sugar cookies and we were discussing how that meant the dough would end up a large blob from which you plucked smaller blobs to roll into small circles rather than a neatly rolled log of which you cut raw cookie slices. Fast forward to the making of said blob-dough and I begin to think about the “logs” of cookie dough you get from the grocery store. We purchase those footlong packages of heaven often around my house and the offspring and I make a huge mess with a few cookies to spare. It occurs to me that perhaps the log of pre-packaged cookie dough is meant to be sliced rather than plucked. (I know, I know… these are things I should understand by now.)

After discussing my thoughts with pretty much everyone I know I came to the conclusion that everyone slices the log. Everyone besides me, that is. There I am; pulling dollops of dough and rolling it into balls only to realize that I need more dough for the 1-inch diameter requirement, therefore forcing me to tug off another bit of dough and continue rolling-all the while having smallish dough pieces stick to my fingers and causing me to have a moral “do I lick it off and keep working and never tell those who will eat these cookies” dilemma. Had I anything besides protoplasmic goop (does that even exist?) in my noggin I might have realized much earlier that pre-made cookie dough was developed to make life easier, and as such there might be an easier way to get from log to cookie sheet. Oy.


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