Sunday, June 21, 2009

Suds in the Bucket

When we woke up this morning to the already blazin' heat the girls and I decided that washing Daddy's truck would be a fun thing to do for father's day. (Or it was just a good way to get wet.. whichever..) I'm not sure Allen's truck got any cleaner; but it was a lot of fun watching the girls work on it... Then we moved to the backyard for a little pool time and a picnic.
Al is leaving for work again tomorrow but he'll be much closer to home and should be home next weekend; so my sanity should remain intact.

"We don't want to eat, we want to get back in the water..."



  1. That last pic of Ash looks like my 16 week pic! ha. LOVE their little bellies! So cute! They are ADORABLE!

  2. Your girls are so gorgeous! And so helpful! ;)

  3. Kayla you have a couple of CUTIES on your hands!!