Saturday, August 15, 2009

Today was the perfect day. (minus a few boogers)

I adore family time. The girls are at wonderful ages; old enough to have some independence and hilarious personality and still young enough to believe Mom and Dad are the two coolest humans ever. They are so very much fun right now and while I relish every moment, my heart simultaneously aches -knowing that all too soon this childhood bliss will pass and be replaced with teenage angst.

Today is one of the days I am burning into my memory; storing it away for a time when my opinions, comforts, thoughts and very presence are repulsed and replaced with those of adolescent peers.

We started with a shopping trip to Academy so we could outfit the entire family in brand new Tech gear for football season... Then we had lunch at Logan's and Kenly didn't break anything, offend anyone, nor did she burn the joint down. She did locate the stash of napkins behind our table, blow her nose 45 times and discard the snot-filled trash into the booth next to us - but no one was sitting there so I'm not sweating that one. (I picked them all up, BTW). We came home and played in the water; complete with some wicked mud-pie making. (I must say that I am coming a LOONG way with my phobia of dirty children. I only had a mild panic attack when both girls plopped down in the middle of the mud-pit; this is progress.) The girls and I have done makeovers on one-another; Lala came by and watched a movie and ate popcorn with Ashlyn in her room, and for a solid hour we played a family game of hide-n-seek.

Also, Ashlyn explained to me (after having my makeover) that I needed to "walk like this (she then proceeded to very dramatically swing her hips) so that Daddy will notice how pretty you are and then he'll marry you." Bless her heart; she doesn't realize that the swinging of these Sonic-sized hips of mine; dramatically or otherwise, would lead to either serious injury or severe property damage.

Like I said; it was the perfect day.

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