Friday, December 18, 2009

Hold on; let me grab the list.

In preparing for the wonderful holiday of thankfulness I was left with no time for blogging about being thankful. Ironic, no? I jotted this down the night before Thanksgiving and I'm thinking the week before Christmas isn't too late to post it...

I have probably mentioned this before – I am a list maker. I’m not talking scribbled notes on a post-it note type of thing, either. I create color-coded, multiple category lists on excel spreadsheets for everything from grocery needs to Christmas gifts. I even have a list of other lists I need to make. (I am very much type-A). I often communicate through email in list form; last night I chatted with a friend on facebook in list form. My listing ability really knows no boundaries.
So today I will offer you multiple things for which I am thankful in the form of a list.

1. My hairdryer – because for the 15 or so minutes that I use it every morning my ears are deaf to the darlings’ pleas for snacks, or cries from one darling because the other has hit her/stolen her toy/looked at her the wrong way. For those 15 glorious minutes I am the parent of two well-behaved children who speak softly and live in perfect harmony with one another.

2. Scrubbing Bubbles – they work hard; so I don’t have to.

3. Southerners – it had to be a southerner that decided frying the turkey for Thanksgiving would work out. And work out it does. Hubby kicks some serious turkey-frying butt every year which liberates me from the hassle. (It also liberates our guests from the burnt-ness which would certainly occur if I were left in charge.)

4. Bright green foaming hand soap- because the dried remnants of it left on the bathroom counter each day is proof that my darlings are washing their hands.


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