Saturday, February 28, 2009

I miss you, Sara!

I was looking through old photos today and happened upon one of Sara, who decided her husband's education was more important than her friends in Lubbock and recently moved to Austin. This picture cracked me up and then made me a little sad because I miss her! Sara, the office is just not the same without your cart-wheels and disgusted looks after I've told you the birth stories of my kids... and my tummy misses your excellent cooking! Also, I will use this blog to shamelessly BEG you to meet us in Dallas in June for the concert... Please?


  1. ooooohhh MY GOSH! dang you Kayla D!!! =)

  2. oops.. i wrote that from my dads computer and i guess it put his name... whoops!

  3. omg I that is hilarious... when was this?