Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Indeed, I am 2 legit.

It is utterly impossible for me to remain still in my office chair when Billie Jean is playing in my ears. Im.Poss.Ible. From the time that awesome hubby of mine presented me with my very own Ipod (which was only a couple of months ago..we’re a little behind technologically around here) my work days have been exceedingly more fun. Not that work has ever been bad; it’s just so much nicer when I have John Mayer telling me that My Body is a Wonderland, or Shakira reminding me that my Hips Don’t Lie. And if I’m having a truly bad day all I have to do is crank Michael Buble followed with a Fall Out Boy medley and life is right again.

The problem is that I am continually having to act aloof when a coworker walks by my office door in the middle of a serious head –bobbing; toe-tapping mini- jam session. I think my efforts have worked thus far and I’ve remained stealthy in my dance-capades.

What are some of your favorite tunes for jamming out? I’m always looking to expand my arsenal…


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